Thank you for your interest in leading Oxford City Council and working for the interests of the people of Oxford.

Oxford is a vibrant, dynamic, international City, home to leading world-first scientific and medical innovation and home of the electric mini at the BMW car plant in Cowley. You will be at the heart of a council with big plans for transforming neighbourhoods and lives, as well as contributing to our many national and international partnerships.

The City has two high profile universities, which together contribute to a very vibrant cultural life and diverse, active communities. In term-time students make up 25% of our population, the highest number of students in the UK.

Oxford’s housing problems are particularly acute. The council aspires to build more much-needed affordable housing and improve the private rented sector (51% of housing in Oxford is privately rented, the highest in the country). There are major challenges in reducing road congestion in our medieval city centre and achieving modal shift to more walking and cycling (Oxford is second only to Cambridge in its cycling citizens). The city has taken a leadership role in zero carbon developments and opening opportunities for all sections of our communities. The City, in more normal times, is a major tourist destination.

The City Council is involved in all of these issues, and views its role as furthering and often leading in the agendas that matter to the City. The Council’s refreshed strategic plan (see the link on the right) sets out the aims and focus over the next four years. In pursuit of this agenda the Council has a track record of entrepreneurial behaviour and works constructively with multiple partners to these ends.

The City Council has two wholly owned companies, is involved in a number of joint ventures, and uses its assets to achieve the Council’s policy aims and to generate income to support a wide range of services.

We want an inspirational leader, with the highest ambitions and expectations for us as a council, the city and the diverse and vocal community we are proud to work for. In doing all of this, you’ll build and inspire our great team. As Chief Executive you’ll test boundaries, including your own, and will be joining at a time to help us help our citizens to cope with COVID-19 and its effect on their lives, and ensure our successful economic, financial, social and environmental recovery.

Members of all parties share an ambition for Oxford, and understand the tensions of leadership in urban agendas.

If this excites you, please read on and start asking questions about how Oxford might fit in your career.

I look forward to seeing your application and to hearing from you.

Councillor Susan Brown, Leader